Big bootie man

  • LEader of big bootie land 

  • two heads - one for strength, the other for discipline

  • loves a good tune, thrives in good vibes

  • protector of gluteium (big bootie lands precious resource) from assless jack and other sinister folk

  • prepostersely large dump truck

assless jack

  • LEader of slimbabwe

  • big bootie man's sworn enemy

  • hates a good time, love when the music stops

  • recently defeated by big bootie man in world war III ..... but always plotting big bootie land's downfall

  • egregiously slender behind

fanny applebottom

  • scientist from big bootie man's home planet

  • graduated top of her class. Never likes to be wrong but rarely ever is.

  • biological researcher of big bootie mans origin

  • a new friend of big bootie land and a new lover of big bootie man

thickums McGillicuddy

  • Big Bootie Man's trusty sidekick 

  • Can't fly and no gym rat either, but makes up for it with a positive attitude that can probably even make Assless Jack grin

  • Dominates trivia night… armed with too many useless facts and a few useful ones too

  • Reads about everything... from how to cook the perfect waffle to the topographical charts of Slimbabwe

  • Loves his mom (a little bit too much)